A Consulting Firm Designed To Enable Companies To Attract, Retain & Inspire Nomadic Millennials


The Nomadic Millennial is driven by purpose! They need to know “What is the story?”

Millennials (75.4 million) have surpassed Baby Boomers (74.9 million) as the nation’s largest living generation, according to the latest census and by 2025 will represent close to 75 percent of the workforce. Most big corporations are searching for ways to Attract, Inspire, & Retain these Nomadic Millennials. We will show you how!

Millennials are driven by Purpose!

Starting With The Power of Story, Millennials123 uniquely uncovers the many attributes and histories of a company that are often unknown or overlooked. The benefits of bringing these stories to light are beneficial on numerous levels. They give the consumers, employees and investors a common denominator and similar point of connection - a true sense and understanding of a company’s brand & the affect it has on the lives of so many each and every day.

In Short, We Answer The Question: Why & Deliver The How!


Sharing A Company’s Authentic Story Builds Trust & Loyal Consumers!

Sharing A Company’s Authentic Story Attracts Talented Workers, Builds Pride In Employees & Benefits Retention & Productivity!


A Powerful Company’s Authentic Story Leads To Pride Of Ownership And That Creates Loyal Consumers!

A Powerful Company’s Authentic Story Creates Purpose and Context. Result: Higher Morale, Increased Productivity And Retention!


A Powerful Company’s Story Creates Purpose and Fulfillment!

We Make Your Employees Say, "I Get To Work For My Company"

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

A Powerful Story Reveals A Company’s Social Responsibility & Sustainability Participation!



A Powerful Story Matters!



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