Consulting Services

Custom Service

Every client has different needs. Our most popular service begins with a Needs Assessment. We then create a custom plan that directly addresses your needs.

Attract - Amplify Your Purpose

Millennials are driven by Purpose. They need to feel their work matters and they want to spend their dollars on products and services that they believe will have an impact. Our custom high quality videos tell your story and share the impact your company makes from around the corner to around the world. We illuminate and share your company’s Human Value and why it matters.

Attract, Retain & Inspire

One of our key skills is finding the stories within your company that are often unknown or overlooked. We answer the Why you do what you do and Why it matters! We want your employees to say, “I get to work for my company because we make a difference!”

Executive Leadership

Great leaders don't tell you what to do - they show you what to do. Millennials123 becomes a communication bridge between management and their millennial employees. Our team works one-on-one with executives to provide them with a successful method that meets their objective and gives the millennial a sense they are valued and their input matters.

Custom Workshops

Our popular workshops are designed to instruct how to:
1. Understand and tell your company’s story and why it matters.
2. C Suite Leadership Coaching Management - All Levels HR & Recruitment

We specialize in sharing how to meet the millennial’s needs and expectations. The goal is to increase productivity, motivation, loyalty and help teams function better in all environments. Starting With The Power of Story, Millennials123 uniquely uncovers the many attributes of a company that are often unknown or overlooked. We create high level internal/external videos, C Suite Executive Communication & Leadership Workshops, Team Building and effective employee communication methods and analysts. The result help them attract, retain, and inspire team members.

Market Research

1. Qualitative research (one-on-one interviews, focus groups, online bulletin boards, observational/behavioral research, content analysis).
2. Quantitative research (surveys – esp. related to brand, customer experience, drivers of consideration and purchase, customer segmentation, personas, data mining).

The Power Of Story


Management - All Levels

HR & Recruitment

Harness The Power Of Story

We help our clients harness the power of story, which allows them to Attract, Retain, and Inspire their employees and customers. When a corporation learns how to harness the power of story, they are instantly transformed and are light-years ahead of their competition.

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